• Event Photography: Large Group Shot

    Event Photography: Large Group Shot

    88-person group photo was my largest group to date. Shot for Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) during their recent Board meeting. With the assistance of Larry Goodwin and his two #ProFoto D2 (1000ws) strobes, two 5' umbrellas from Paul Trantow, and a 6ft ladder from the Hyatt Regency, I think we pulled it off. 

    Keeping 88 people patient and accommodating while you try to look at every single person, from your vantage point, and make sure they're not blocked by another human. I think it's impossible - but I think they still had fun.

    Positioning the lights high enough and angled in such a way that some people aren't covered in shadow. I'd say this is an 88-90% success as there are a few people hidden and/or blocked.

    The room was not deep enough for me to shoot at 50mm as I would have preferred. This is 24mm. 

    -Telling everyone to close their eyes until I count to 3, and then open them as I fire off two to three shots. 
    -The 1000ws lights allowed me to shoot at f11 and f16 to ensure all rows were in focus

    - Client was happy. I got paid.