• Kick


    Centaurus High School vs Steamboat Springs at Dick's Sporting Goods Field

  • RUN


  • World of Girl

    World of Girl

    Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

  • SONY Unedited Project

    SONY Unedited Project

    I was approached by the ad agency promoting this nationwide project for the SONY NEX-5R camera in March. The objective: take an authentic look into the heart of your city and what makes it beat. "Paint us a picture, to showcase what makes it unparalleled. It’s about identifying and celebrating your city’s unique life, UNEDITED."
    The challenge was to produce a varied and well-rounded collection within 50 shots. The project concludes with my, and all other participants', galleries on display in their local Sony Store. I'm not going to lie — it wasn't easy. 7 days is not a lot of time to collect 50 photos that you're proud of or that clearly define the project. The good thing was that it DID get me out of my comfort zone and made me look for things that I might not normally noticed. It got me out there.Here are just a few  that I think give a good overview of my shots.
    Disclaimer: While I'm not receiving payment for participating, I am receiving compensation in the form of the camera and lens to use for the project and to keep after. This does not mean I am obligated to give a positive review of the camera or lens. But so far so good!